In some cases, instead of losing your driver`s license, you can apply for a contract for safer drivers. If approved, it means you can keep driving, but you will receive a much heavier penalty if you receive 4 more memorial points or if you break another condition of your driver`s license. This option may be made available to drivers who have been deprived of their driver`s license due to an accumulation of demerit points. Conditions related to driving with a good behaviour option do not include two or more demerit points during this 12-month period. If, during this period, two or more points of demorit are generated, the driver is stripped of his driver`s licence for the initial double disqualification period, without opposition or other request for good conduct. The Safer Driver Agreement is valid for the duration of your interim licence and a violation of the agreement results in a mandatory 12-month withdrawal of the driver`s licence. You must personally apply for the withdrawal of a driver`s licence: a driver is excluded from possession or obtaining a driver`s license or authorization for a certain period of time. If a provisional driver violates his driver`s licence conditions or accumulates four or more points, he may choose to enter into an agreement on safer drivers instead of the six-month disqualification period, unless it is a serious disqualification obligation. In cases where you receive a licence withdrawal because you have accumulated 12 or more points on a full license, you can apply for a so-called “good conduct” option. Provisional driver`s licence holders who have been disqualified may opt for an agreement on safer drivers instead of serving the six-month disqualification period [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 81BA]. The agreement applies for the duration of the provisional licence. If you receive 4 or more points of demerit during a safe driving contract, you will be excluded from driving for 12 months without the right to appeal.

You are not allowed to apply for another five-year contract for safer drivers. A provisional driver, disqualified for a serious offence of disqualification, may refer the matter to the Court of Justice for “serious and unusual difficulties”. The driver`s driving history is taken into account. Drivers are generally not allowed to apply for these options if you have already filed a claim in the past 5 years. Under the Alcohol-Interlock scheme, drivers are responsible for all costs associated with the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the locking device. Once you have the right to re-apply for your licence, you will receive a P1 licence for three years if the original offence was committed with a P1 licence or a P2 licence for two years if the original offence was committed with a P2 licence. With the repeal of the driver`s licence regression system, disqualified drivers will return to the driver`s licence they were on at the time of the offence, not the previous phase.