“What a strange coincidence! I just realized last week that this owner`s book, on which I swore, and this page of the owner that I visit every day, are of the same person! I landed in/on both by sheer coincidence – totally independent – and then I inquire about the connection! We are only trying to prove that all avenues lead to the best source of information! I love the book! Love the site! — by Liza [AZ] “Jeff Taylor, I have to tell you that your program is beyond the fabulous! They`re amazing. I brag about how you helped me to be a good owner, while providing all the documents to cover my ass! Thank you. — by Roseanne Mitchell [CA] ” I even hesitated to spend money on this kind of course, etc. when I started. I even felt a little shy when I bought it. I am very grateful to have had the brains and courage to buy it before I had a resident. We had no experience in managing a property, so we were able to avoid many pitfalls, and also a very positive tone with the residents. I had seen Jeffrey talk before, and when I saw that he was coming to a nearby town, I saw him again and bought the whole package. If you`ve never seen Jeffrey, CDs are a great way to get you in the right frame of mind to be an effective owner. The customer service was very good when I had a question about the kit.

I cannot speak for the other courses, but in terms of rent management, Jeffery`s program is very thorough. by Doug [OH] FREE NEW YORK DISCLOSURE DISCLOSURE RIDER TO RESIDENTIAL LEASE “Jeffery Taylor is a complete professional with respect to owners. If you`ve seen him live, he`s passionate, knowledgeable and excited about what he`s doing. What I learned from him completely changed the way I did tenant relationships. I am armed with some incredible tools that allow me and my tenants to win. I`m not afraid of it anymore. For me, it was a missing link to my success as an investor, and Jeffery`s teaching helps me a lot. He is the king of landlord-tenant relationships and if you are a landlord, you really have to do it properly. I advise you to lead him the way. A. H. [ON] “After forging this on our own for 3 years, we finally bought the Mr.

Landlord package (full owner course offered in his seminars). It really has almost any form/letter/advice to fit any given situation.