If the landlord/guardian authority authorizes premises that contain a risk through the housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS), the competent authority may be asked to remedy the defect. Every day we have new free places to choose from for our housekeepers. Login and you`ll find a wide selection of fantastic features available only for you. We are always looking for real estate custodians who go above and beyond to protect housing and property as a whole. Professionals, who have been custodians of the property for a long time with us, can become guardians of the head. If you are a tutor or are considering becoming one, this will be the site for you. 10. How can I make the most of protection? Occupancy agreements concluded by guardians often contain conditions that cannot be applied in accordance with the principles of housing, landlord and tenant and consumer law. Life as a real estate guardian is very different from renting in the private rental sector, as it does not offer the security of the lease if one rented a property by the traditional route of the AST. However, you will join a growing protective community, live in diverse and unusual spaces and save your cost of living. All PG companies behave in different ways towards customers (builders) and custodians, and some are cheaper than others. But in general, they offer all “flexible” accommodations (you may be asked to leave less than 4 weeks in advance, lower) and in general you charge less than market rent. No company allows under-18s or pets.

Most of them require references from both work/study contacts and donors, as well as income documentation. You can also require that you do not have a criminal record. You will all demand that you follow “rules” such as no candles, parts, only certain types of heating, etc., and you will have the power to punish or expel you if these rules are broken. 9. I heard that I could not leave the property for a long time. Can I go on vacation? Maybe. Depends on your contract. As a general rule, tutors must spend a certain number of nights per week in the accommodation. PG may let you go for weeks, but it`s at its discretion. You will almost certainly need extra money for a deposit before you move in.

Deposits (as in the private rental sector) vary; 500-1000 euros await you. Some companies take time to return deposits and, in some cases, have been withheld for no good reason. Unlike private rentals, there is no possibility of legal guarantee of deposits for legal guardians, unless you can prove in court that, whatever document you have signed, the nature of your contract means in practice that it is a rental agreement and not a license (more information below).