Pacific Educational Group is a consulting firm dedicated to the development of racial justice. Over its 25-year history, its mission has extended from its initial focus on transforming PreK-12 and the United States. Higher education, business, non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies in Canada, New Zealand and Australia are now broader. We believe that systemic racism is the most devastating factor that contributes to ensuring that all human beings, especially blacks and indigenous peoples, are able to reach the highest level. It breaks our communities and undermines the support and food we would otherwise have from them. We cannot hope to eliminate the racist results of our lives if we do not first discuss race and racism in a serious, honest and lasting way. To this end, we have developed courageous conversation™, a process for explicitly understanding and discussing race. Hundreds of thousands of people learned of the Courageous Conversation About Race Protocol ™ from the Pacific Educational Group`s many and dynamic collaborators. These representatives from different professions, regions and life experiences work together to design school programs, facilitate seminars and coach executives to use a courageous conversation ™ in their personal and professional lives. Pacific Educational Group was founded in 1992 by Glenn E.

Singleton and is committed to racial justice in the United States and beyond. We work in long-term partnerships with training, coaching and consulting with organizations to transform beliefs, behaviours and outcomes, so that people of all races can reach their highest level and lead their most powerful and powerful lives. Why investigate and talk to the race? Race is important — in our nation and around the world. It is essential that we address racial issues in order to highlight the personal and institutional prejudices that prevent all human beings, especially those who have colour, from developing their full potential. DIALOGUE COURAGEOUS™ serves as an essential strategy for systems and organizations to address racial differences through a safe, authentic and effective inter-race dialogue. COURAGEOUS CONVERSATION™ is our award-winning protocol for the inclusion, maintenance and deepening of inter-political dialogue. Through our framework for Systemic Racial Equity Transformation, PEG is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations that voluntarily, explicitly and completely address persistent racial differences.