In many U.S. states, companies that buy viatic colonies and sell them to investors are licensed by state insurance commissioners. For more information and a list of national insurance regulators, visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The viatic billing activity is beneficial for cancer patients because it provides the necessary financial support without interest and at no cost. Viatic locations, viatic brokers and viatic billing providers have been around for some time. Nevertheless, many policyholders are not aware of the viatic housing industry and the financial benefits of a viatic count. While loans can provide a large amount of means such as viatic settlement, they receive interest that must be repaid in addition to other expenses, and only increase monthly expenses when the person works to repay the loan. After confirmation, the viatic settlement broker or The Company offers you a number for your policy. Once you accept the offer, sign and send the final and written agreement of the viatic transaction contract. Although more policy comparisons have been in place for some time, many life insurers are not aware of the financial benefits that viatic billing can offer to a single policyholder or relative. Each billing company considers several factors, including the nature of the illness, the stage of the illness, the face value of the policy, insurance premiums and other relevant information. They use these factors to calculate the amount offered to the patient in a viatic billing contract. A viatic billing broker is a person who negotiates on behalf of the insured to obtain an offer.

An affordable payment can be a great solution if you are considering a loan through a financial institution. Use our simple online form to determine if you are eligible for viatic billing. According to the National Federation of Insurance Commissioners, anyone with a chronic illness (defined as a disease that affects the activities of daily living) and an existing life insurance insurance may be eligible for a settlement of life. All types of guidelines are accepted, including whole, concept, group and universal. Viatic billing allows you to invest in someone else`s life insurance. With viatic billing, you buy the policy (or part of it) at a price below the policy`s lethal advantage. If the seller dies, you will receive the death benefit. The viatic billing activity allows insured underwriters to sell their insurance policies to Viatical Settlement Provider for a lump sum payment in cash.

This payment is less than the face value of the policy, the death allowance, but more than the cash return value. We hope that this guide will help them answer the question “What is a viatic regulation?”