Companies should also keep in mind that they are generally expected to provide the designated advisor, as part of the investment agreement, with guarantees that the company`s systems, procedures and controls are appropriate. AIM team management reminds designated advisors that the Rule 31 requirement is one of the areas they must consider when applying for a company to join the AIM. Nomads should certainly review the financial policy and procedures that the company has developed in collaboration with its takers, including the accountants` report, but (as proposed by Tech 14/14CFF), the AIM team expects nomads to go beyond: they should assess whether these policies can work in practice, taking into account the nomad`s knowledge of the company and its management. Systems, Procedures and Controls – Financial Guidelines and Procedures AIM Rule 31 requires a company to put in place sufficient systems, procedures and controls before approval to comply with AIM rules. In particular, these systems must enable the company to comply with the obligation to make price-sensitive developments known as soon as possible; Publish annual and semi-annual financial results on time enter into agreements limiting when directors and certain employees can trade in the company`s shares; provide detailed information on the activities of directors and changes to key holdings. This is an important area that has recently been brought to the forefront by major market companies in light of the enforcement actions taken by the ACF against Lamprell and certain other companies that have not met similar requirements under listing rules and/or disclosure and transparency rules. It is therefore in the interests of both companies and their nomads to ensure that any failures in the company`s systems, procedures and controls are detected and corrected at an early stage in the preparation of the IPO, usually with the help of a report from the company`s registrants; that, at a later stage, both the entity and/its reporting accountants test the strength of the systems; and that the nomad has sufficient access to relevant documents and audit and audit agreements to ensure that the systems allow the company to comply with THE AIM rules. Tech 14/14CFF, for example, states that, in order to comply with its regulatory obligations, the [nomad] determines the investigations it must conduct and the support and information it needs to make its judgments and, if necessary, the explanations on the […] Marketing authorization must be based on the appropriateness of a marketing authorization. The objective of this exercise is to identify gaps in information that [nomad] has or can receive and that it must fill in another way, for example. B by appealing to a third party as a rapporteur. The [nomad] will take into account all the information he will receive as part of his knowledge of the company. For Motorola`s most advanced control, monitoring and communications technologies, the company offers customers solutions to ensure consistent, reliable and accurate water consumption, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. A one-stop shop for the sale of flat and satellite dishes, combined with the provision of custom antenna solutions for a number of commercial and military uses, with a growing focus on 5G Backhaul antenna solutions.

In particular, the AIM team has clarified some of the factors it will discuss with a designated consultant regarding the holding of shares in a company: restructuring, particularly those involving several jurisdictions, is all complex issues.