Sales Leaders Maximising Your MonthEVERY WEEK lead with these actions for consistency! the team – 48 hr call / coaching calls – WEEK 1 – All weekly promotions plus your personal sales – recruitment – End of campaign recognition – Campaign launch – Share your campaign goals – make sure the team does the same – Schedule Team 1:1 for the campaign – 48 hours Call / Coaching Calls. Send 2nd Inactives a HEBDOMADAIRE brochure 2 – All weekly promotions plus your personal distribution – recruitment – Focus on LOA1-6 Reps- 48 hr Calls / Coaching Calls / SL 1:1`s – With your reports, contact those who have not placed an order. Send the Newsletter WEEK team – All weekly promotions plus your personal distribution – recruitment – With reports, Contact those who haven`t placed an order yet – With the reports, contact those who haven`t placed 2nd OrderWEEK 4 – All weekly promotions plus your personalized sales – recruitment – Check the business teams – Goals – Sales/Potential Promotions – Book Coaching Calls – Check-in with LOA1-6 new Reps-Book Campaign Launch Call Prepare for upcoming campaign content and ads on Facebook. Plan incentives for the next Circle of Excellence campaign for Sales and Reps leaders and Lead Generation Coordinator and find people who want to join Avon and earn money, as you are the only way to become a successful Avon leader. Building a team is what it`s all about in leadership, so we can share with you everything we`ve done and done since 2002 to generate interest and people for your team. We have a number of resources and materials in our exclusive Step 4 promotional files that allow you to find people who can join your team. We share with you 14 pages of “What to say in an ad” as the “7 Simple Steps to Plan Your Ads.” My favorite for training leads and looking for team members is research. That`s where we go out and talk to people. Personally, I built a team of more than 60 representatives during the first 5 months in and around my hometown. It allowed me to finish my part-time work and build my team faster. Here at GailsReps, we`ll encourage you and teach you how to aswel like show you how to generate leads for free with social media platforms and free advertising sites.

We`ll share with you some of our TOP SECRETS for creating lead that has allowed other leaders like you to find and record 30 amazing new reps a week! There are many ways to find people to join your team, from party plan to local best selling table and car boots! And we have everything you need to generate your own team members.