If you have any specific questions, go to the website or email EBupdate@tafensw.edu.au Yesterday, I sent you three emails regarding negotiations regarding a new teacher and business associate. Given the joint communiqué with the AEU NSW Teachers` Federation, this may be a surprise, so let me explain. “TAFE NSW continues to advocate for an agreement approved by teachers and approved by the Fair Labour Commission. TAFE NSW also answered questions from unions and appointed representatives. TAFE NSW`s negotiating team: If you have any questions, please visit tafensw.edu.au/enterprise-bargaining or email EnterpriseBargaining2015@tafensw.edu.au The next trading sessions are scheduled in the coming weeks. On February 8, TAFE NSW held a meeting with the union and appointed negotiators to discuss the agreement on teachers and related workers. On 16 and 17 September, during our fifth round of negotiations, the TAFE NSW negotiating team heard responses to the full proposal presented at the last meeting. The Federation is “dismayed” by the government`s attitude when it abandoned the Enterprise Agreement (EA) in March, but welcomed the advice of the TAFE Director General to see tafe NSW cooperate with the Federation to meet the commitment to transform temporary workers agreed during the negotiations. During last week`s negotiations, TAFE NSW`s proposal for a vocational training team was discussed in more detail. We have provided information that continues to support the case studies of the second round of negotiations. We also looked at how these scenarios would work in the real world, highlighting the benefits of a teaching and learning perspective. Federation and TAFE NSW have held numerous meetings at which we are making progress in reaching agreement on key issues.

Key issues identified by TAFE members, who conducted a forward-looking survey distributed to all workplaces, included a 2.5 per cent wage increase without loss of conditions, an increase in tenure and access to genuine professional development for the maintenance of the professional currency. Today I also wrote to the Australian Union about the start of negotiations. A copy of this letter can be made on the website. I have a new update after our third trading meeting for the TAFE NSW Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement. I would like to thank everyone for asking questions and giving valuable feedback on the proposal. Throughout this process, TAFE NSW has achieved a number of key objectives that we have set for the negotiation of companies: you may know that we have started the negotiations and it is important that I give you context and context for the discussions that have taken place so far in the negotiations. Much of the discussion to date has focused on the changing professional training environment and options for the future model of our workforce. The next round of negotiations is scheduled for 3 September 2015.

At this meeting, we will discuss the proposal with the unions and the designated negotiators. “The directors received a salary increase after a new enterprise agreement was reached for the directors of the TAFE.” The TAFE NSW negotiating team answered a number of questions about the proposal. All parties agreed on a timetable for future meetings. So far, ten formal meetings have been held between federation and TAFE NSW, and regular meetings have continued. Both parties have committed to agreeing as soon as possible to a proposed new enterprise agreement. If you have any questions, you can contact your local staff manager. The Fair Work Commission website contains very useful information about enterprise agreements in www.fwc.gov.au/awards-and-agreements/agreements or you can also call your infoline on 1300 799 675. In view of the requirement for a pay increase for the last time at the end of November 2018, the association has worked to conclude