If you have a low income, you may be able to receive a housing allowance to help with the costs. Your rental agreement has a section on rent and the duration of the rental (how often the rental is paid). The Council can increase your rent by sending you a notification of at least 4 weeks if you have paid each week. You must explain their reasons if they decide not to renew your lease and give you the opportunity to challenge the decision. An introductory tenancy agreement may be offered to new Council tenants. These usually last 12 months and are like a “sample” period. Importing tenants can be distributed much more easily. As this is your probation period, the City Council does not have to prove to the court the reasons for your eviction. There must be reasonable factors that contribute to your evacuation, for example.B.: The following pdf document is a copy of our secure rental agreement from or before March 31, 2012: If you were accommodated by us because you were homeless, you may have received a temporary rent until we could re-register permanently.

Emergency accommodation tenants are not allowed to sell. As a secure tenant, you can usually reside in the property for the rest of your life as long as you do not violate the terms of the lease. At the end of the deadline, the Commission may decide that if we need to change the terms of your lease, we will notify you of the change. If the change affects all tenants, we will consult with all tenants and explain the reasons for the change. We must take into account all the feedback we receive during the consultation period. In general, if you are demoted, your new rental trial period will last one year. If you manage to complete an entire year as a decommissioned tenant and act reasonably and comply with the terms of the lease, your lease will automatically return to a secure tenancy agreement. If the Council wants to expel you before the end of the flexible term, it must give you one month of pre-mandate. If you are deported for serious anti-social behaviour, the Council can make the communication effective immediately. If only one of you wants to terminate the lease and the other tenant wants to stay in the property, your advice: exchange houses without authorization – the tenants of the council must have our agreement before you can make a mutual exchange with another tenant. You must live in your property and use it as your main home.

You must inform us if the property is empty for more than six weeks. If the property is empty for a long period of time, we may require that the lease be abandoned. If you have been a safe tenant but acted in an antisocial manner and have disturbed the peace and joy around your building, the Council may choose to degrade you. A short Scottish security is a short form of rent, with limited rent security. This may be exposed to this: As a secure tenant, you have the right to reside in your home indefinitely, as long as you comply with the terms of the contract.